Jehoiachin’s Age

How Old Was Jehoiachin?

– A scriptural comparison of 2 Kings 24:8 and 2 Chronicles 36:9

By:  Fred Butler
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Fred Butler open his discussion about the subject of Jehoiachin’s age as follows:

“As a believer reads the scriptures, he will occasionally come across what are called “copyist’s errors.” These are apparent discrepancies found primarily in the OT, particularly within the historical books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. The two books of Samuel with the two books of Kings parallel the two books of Chronicles in recording the history of Israel. Together, the six books begin with the monarchy of Saul and then finish with Cyrus’s decree to allow the Jews? safe return to the land. The “copyist’s errors” occur when the two sets of histories are studied concurrently. Information contained in Kings will be exactly the same as the account in Chronicles, but a slight alteration exists between the two narratives. This is the case with the two passages before us”.

The matter of discussion is over 2 Kings stating Jehoiachin beginning to reign at 18 years of age while 2 Chronicles tells us his reign started at 8 years of age.  Fred Butler offers a practical, short and detailed solution to this subject.

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