Ahaziah’s Age

How Old Was Ahaziah?

 – A scriptural comparison of 2 Kings 8:26 and 2 Chronicles 22:2 –

By Andrew Patrick
Cited From: http://occupy-till-i-come.webs.com
Authors Email: brother.bird.rning@gmail.com

The matter of how old Ahaziah was when he began to reign has left many puzzled. While 2 Kings claims Ahaziah began his reign at 22 years of age, 2 Chronicles claims he was 42. This has led some translators to believe this to be an error in the text and knowingly translate 2 Chronicles to be 22 instead of 42 to try and reconcile the two passages. However, this is not necessary.

Andrew Patrick methodologically presents a compelling argument to how these passages do not conflict with each other. Instead, he shows how both accounts are true, but separately reflect the different perspectives of Israel and Judea.

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