Old Testament Timeline

– A Biblical Account of Old Testament Chronology –

In this chronological effort the creation of Adam is being considered as year 0. It would help your review of this work to start at the beginning and work forward. The birth years of individuals are angled on the top with their death years being angled on the bottom. We should also acknowledge that according to the Jewish reckoning of time we are currently in the year 5771 since the day of creation. This chronological effort was constructed chapter by chapter from Genesis 1 forward. In no way is this work an effort to synchronize the events found in the Bible with commonly thought world history. It’s simply what I believe the scripture presents.

I approached the Word of God with the objective of creating this chronological effort for a few reasons. #1: I was curious if a chronology could be constructed using only the scripture that could take me from Adam to the death of Jesus. #2: To more accurately understand how all the people and events of the Bible relate to each other in time. #3: To provide a resource that myself as well as others could access to aid in their study of the God’s Word.

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