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The Logic and Challenge

In this chronological effort, the creation of Adam is being considered as year 0.  The birth years of individuals are angled on the top with their death years being angled on the bottom when available. Rarely will any two scholars ever agree completely on Old Testament chronology.  That’s because a variety of circumstances arise that require each student to evaluate all the information and have an opinion of their own.  A few of these tough questions are:  How long did King Saul reign?  How long did Israel have judges and how long was Israel in bondage in Egypt?  We hope you enjoy studying the scriptures and investigating these things with this chronology.

The Result

One of the objectives of this work is to show if a chronology could be constructed using only the Scripture that could take us 4000 years from Adam to Jesus while staying reasonably consistent with world history.  The answer: 100% YES! However, the books of Ezra, Esther and Nehemiah don’t give the specific names of their rulers.  Thankfully, an archaeological finding helps us decipher them.  You can find them in the drop down menu above.  But they weren’t needed to get to Jesus.

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